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Nora Fleming

Nora Fleming: One Gift for Every Occasion

A brand that started out with a dream of simplicity, Nora Fleming creates neutral platters and serving dishes that can be customized for every occasion. These pieces of pottery incorporate interchangeable mini decorations that fit into place on each serving dish or platter from Nora Fleming. For two decades, this brand has been committed to making sure that everyone can have seasonal and decorative platters to fit any occasion, all while keeping it simple and saving on storage space.

Pottery for All of Life’s Seasons

No matter what season or occasion you are celebrating, Nora Fleming has a miniature for you! From scarecrows for fall to candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, leaves for an elegant decoration or smores for campfires – there are endless minis to choose from to customize your platters and dishes.

Platters for Everyone

With a platter and collection of minis from Nora Fleming, you can have the perfect dish for any and every occasion.

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