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Michel Design Works

Michel Design Works

Home and Personal Care

Michel Design Works offers high quality, beautiful gifts for every room in the house. Their stunningly patterned boxes and containers make ordinary, day-to-day products into works of art, and their luxuriously scented soaps, lotions and cleaning products will create the feeling of a spa in your own kitchens and baths. Make giving gifts as enjoyable and fulfilling as receiving them by giving Michel Design Works personal and home care products to your loved ones, especially for housewarming gifts, or birthday gifts for older friends and relatives who enjoy beautiful artwork but also desire useful gifts that don't create clutter.

About Michel Design Works

Over 30 years ago, Deborah and Bruce Michel launched Michel Design Works, featuring beautiful paper gifts, such as books, journals, and stationary. From the beginning, they believed that the quality and beauty of their packaging was just as important as the gift itself.

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