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Maggie and Mary's

Maggie and Mary's

Maggie and Mary’s carries a unique and delicious line of gourmet mixes. Based in Minnesota, they have plenty of experience with a cold winters day – and how a nice hot bowl can hit the spot. Or how sometimes, even in warmer conditions, all you want is a bowl of soup for comfort. Choose between favorites comfort soups such as Chicken Noodle or Chicken Dumpling – or spice things up a bit with either our Camp Traditions Wild Rice Soup or our Creamy Wild Rice Soup. If none of those are your things, maybe our Tavernhouse Cheese Soup is!

Maggie and Mary’s Gourmet Soup Mixes are the perfect item to keep on hand for cold winters, when you are feeling down and need comfort food, or even just when you are feeling a little under the weather and want a nice hot bowl of soup to help you feel better.

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