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Drinks On Me products carried at The Woods Gifts

Drinks On Me: Funny, Snarky Coasters

Drinks On Me coasters are a hilarious combination of snark and fun. Each one has a saying that is sure to have you ranging from chuckling to fully doubled over with laughter. These coasters are filled with good-humored fun that can be enjoyed by anyone. Some coasters are a little more adult in their humor, but there are plenty for all ages to enjoy as well!

Hilarious, Fun Entertainment

Coasters serve a boring purpose – protect your furniture. It’s no wonder we keep seeing fun and amusing coasters popping up on the market! However, these cork backed, rounded corner, resin coasters really take the cake. They are sure to have your guests amused from the moment they ask for a coaster to set their drink on. Buy all of the same or mix and match to keep everyone on their toes and amused all evening long!

Perfect Gifts for All

Drinks On Me coasters are the perfect gift for anyone, from your child who needs to remember to use coasters in their room, to your best friend who just moved into a new house. Anyone can use a coaster and a good laugh.

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