Roghair at the Fair

This past year The Woods experienced the loss of a close friend. Dennis Roghair had This sculpture was done by Dennis in 2005. It is located Heritage Square been a part of the family here at The Woods since we opened our Maple Grove storein 1997. He was a very talented chainsaw carving artist and we are proud to showcase his work in our retail stores. Dennis lost his battle with cancer earlier this year and we wanted to do something to honor him and his work, thus “Roghair at the Fair” was born. The Minnesota State Fair displays 19 Roghair chainsaw carvings, so we decided to host a scavenger hunt for them at The Great Minnesota Get Together.

Here are the rules:

1. Find and take a picture with as many Roghair carvings as you can find.

A complete list of carvings can be found at:

2. Send pictures to or post on our Facebook page at:

3. The person who finds the most will win a $25 Gift Certificate to The Woods!

4. In the case of a tie the person who sent photos in the earliest will be the winner.

5. All received photos may be posted on our website and social media sites. First names and initial letter of last names will be used to identify participants. We look forward to seeing all of your pictures!

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