Candles with a Twist: Spiral Light Candles Burn in Two Ways

Dislike waste but love the look and comforting aroma of candles? Looking for a new candle experience? Spiral Candles offer a unique twist on typical illumination. They are the perfect combination of classic style and innovation. While wick burning candles have been around for centuries, these candles are truly of our time and combine eco-smarts with timeless elegance.

How They Work

What makes these candles unique, is the "spiral" wick inside. The top half of the candle, literally has a wick that goes around the candle, in a spiral. Their unique, patented, two-candles-in-one design started with the simple idea that you could create a candle without the wasted wax left over on the edges from burning traditional candles. The idea was this; why not move the wick from the center of the candle out to the outer edge? Not only will it now be burning the side of the candle that would normally end up in the garbage, it offers offer a truly unique, even mesmerizing candle burning experience. It's truly a joy to watch it burn as it beautifully crumbles down and melts.

How They Burn in Two Ways

Spiral Candles burn in two different, very unique ways. As the candle burns, the sides flow into the middle leaving you with a cozy, wood wick candle at the end. And, if you’ve never had a wood wick candle, this alone is a major plus. Wooden wicks actually last a lot longer, plus, they just have a comforting wood burning scent as they burn.

Whether you’re a candle lover or are just looking for a candle to add a warm glow to your home, Spiral Candles are a great way to do it. They are also a great conversation piece!

Created by a small Minnesota business and Made in the USA, you’ll be proud to own a Spiral Candle of your very own. To check out Spiral Candles as well as the various WoodWick Candles we offer, shop our selection today directly on our website.

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