What is a Candle Wax Warmer? How Do Wax Warmers Work?

At The Woods Gifts, we offer wax melt and candle wax warmer products that can help you enhance the ambiance of your living spaces. Our selection includes options in many types of beautiful fragrances to accommodate your personal preference. Create an appealing atmosphere in your home with beautiful and unique aromas any time of the day or year.

Wax Warmer Melts

Our WoodWick wax melts are perfect for use with any standard wax warmer, either traditional, or electric. By placing one of these wax melts squares onto your wax burner and using a tea light or electric burner to burn the melt square, you can allow a beautiful scent to distribute throughout the room.

We provide these wax melts in numerous scents, including Fireside, At the Beach, Applewood, Linen, Evening Bonfire, Frasier Fir, Redwood, Cinnamon Chai, Lavender's Spa, and Vanilla Bean.

Plug-in Warmer Features

Some great features of plug-in candle wax warmers include:

  • Wax products from candle warmers consist of 100 percent paraffin wax. These products carry more fragrance and dispense that fragrance for a longer period of time compared to oils, gels, or sprays.
  • Pluggable fragrance warmers can be used in horizontal and vertical outlets. Simply twist the plug base. They are useful above counter outlets in small spaces and rooms.

By simply adding melts to the dish and turning on the device, you can quickly enjoy your favorite fragrance as it fills the room.

Smart Melt Wax Cups

The WoodWick Smart Melts Wax Cups we provide are a great way to easily and quickly embellish any room with an appealing fragrance. These Smart Melt Wax Cups contain your preferred fragrance in a compact, stackable cup. Instead of traditional wax melts, you can use Smart Melt Wax Cups in WoodWick Smart Warmers.

If you have any questions about the candle wax warmer products we offer, call our customer care team today at 888.838.4067 or drop us a message through our contact form.

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