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Camp Craft Cocktails carried at The Woods Gifts

Camp Craft Cocktails: Easy-to-Make Cocktails

Camp Craft Cocktails were born from flavors that begged to be shared. These drinks create community without the necessary skill of being a bartender. Even someone who has never mixed a drink before can follow the instructions and enjoy a nice, cold cocktail – or better yet, share one with a friend. No need to worry about making drinks when hosting parties or get-togethers, just grab a variety of these and there’s sure to be something for everyone!

Delicious Craft Cocktails at Home

With the goal of making craft cocktails accessible, these drinks are truly some of the best craft cocktails you could ever imagine drinking in the comfort of your own home. They can be served at any event (consider non-alcoholic bases for teens or adults who don’t want to drink), and you will be the hit of the party!

Cocktails for Gifts and Gatherings

These simply made cocktails make for great gifts for any occasion. Just add 12 ounces of liquor (or a non-alcoholic base of choice), refrigerate for three days, shake and then serve! Making craft cocktails has never been easier for you or your loved ones.

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