Your home’s exterior could really use a little aesthetic enhancement, could it not? The shrubs and mulch do not add enough pop to the overall visual enjoyment of your property, for you, for neighbors, for anyone who glances upon it. Why not add stone garden animals as created by Francis Metal Works? Utilizing fieldstones gathered from the ground throughout Minnesota, these distinctive iron pieces will add natural enhancement to the décor outside of your home. What is great about these pieces is that no two are exactly the same. They are created by the artisans at Francis Metal Works, a company started by two Minnesotans, one a jeweler, the other a creative metal worker. Both enthused gardeners, they came up with a way to merge these passions in the form of garden stone animals. Francis Metal Works is the realized dream of two creative sorts who invested in their art form. Their initial efforts focused on the wild birds that fly the skies of Minnesota. As time passed, the two branched out and began to create other animals commonly found throughout the state, like frogs and turtles. Each piece is a blend of manipulated rock and iron. Let us use the turtle as an example. The head, legs and tail are wrought iron, forged in fire, shaped once out. The shell is a fieldstone on top of the wrought iron frame. Your end result is a nature-inspired piece of art that will enhance the look of any desired outdoor décor. Weatherproof, coming in a wide variety of sizes and wholly individualized, you are indeed adding a piece of art to your property. Your purchase of one of these fine stone garden animals is a great way to express your passion for the creatures of the world, a way to utter your sworn allegiance to nature, a means of adding some class to your home’s exterior décor. Though it may not yet be Halloween, the time to think of Christmas gifts has arriven. What better gift for the landscaping enthusiast than these artisan-crafted delights? If you are interested in adding some Francis Metal Works stone garden animals to your property, please visit our sales pages at Here you will find stone garden animals of all sorts from birds like swans, roosters, owls, ducks, herons and pelicans to moose, frogs and turtles. The nature lover within you will be so pleased that you added these fine conversation pieces of art to your property.  

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