Most people don’t think of doing a lot of shopping after the holidays are over. You’re shopped out or maybe you over-spent a bit this year and are trying to pay off some credit card bills first. But the post-holiday season doesn’t have to mean you’re not allowed to shop anymore! The Woods Gifts has some post-holiday shopping tips for you so you can still shop till you drop without breaking the bank! Think Ahead Right after the holiday season is over, retailers want to get rid of the old holiday-related items, like decorations, wrapping paper, clothes, cards, etc. So if you go into just about any store that sells holiday items, you will see a huge price slash on these sorts of things. Take the time to stock up for next year! Buy the fancy wrapping paper you had your eye on for the past few months now that it’s 80% off! Get your mom that pretty crystal ornament that was out of your price range just last week. Wrap it up nicely and put it somewhere you’ll remember. Voila! You can cross at least one person off of your gift-giving list for Christmas 2014! Coupons Keep an eye out for a surge of coupons. To offset some of the post-holiday slump, a lot of retailers will be putting out more coupons than ever. Take advantage of these savings by clipping coupons from your local newspaper or by visiting coupon websites online. As always, The Woods Gifts has free shipping on order over $79! Feed Your Tummy Gourmet gift baskets are usually on sale for a large discount this time of year. Treat yourself to one, or you can get one for any January or February birthdays! This could be your chance to try that fancy new barbeque sauce or that gourmet coffee you’ve always wanted to try. We have a wide selection of gourmet foods to choose from! Of course, The Wood's Gift is here to help with any gift-giving you might need. Call us today at 1-888-838-4067 or browse the rest of our site.

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