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Adventure Keen carried at The Woods Gifts

Adventure Keen: Bringing Passion of the Outdoors to Books

As an independent publisher, Adventure Keen is proud to bring 40 years of experience to each of their books. Focusing on nature and outdoor activity titles, they have created the ability to discover new things through text, as well as time spent outdoors. Their love of being in the woods and out on the water shines through in each of their works.

Nature and Outdoor Activity Publisher

After experiencing the mental and physical health benefits that being outside has to offer, Adventure Keen shares the wonder of being outside with their readers. They also strive to teach others about how to be responsible in caring for the environment, so that generations to come can enjoy the beautiful, natural resources.

Meet Us on the Trail

You can even bring the love of the outdoors to your house or even bring them with you to meet us on the trail with these outdoorsy gifts from Adventure Keen!

Hours of Entertainment with Puzzle Twist

Hours of Entertainment with Puzzle Twist

Despite the rise in screen-based entertainment, many people are still unable to resist the lure of a good puzzle. Suitable for people of every age and background, our Puzzle Twist jigsaw puzzles are beautifully made and designed to last. Ideal to share when you want to spend family time together, a puzzle is also a thoughtful gift for convalescents, or people who are not as mobile as they used to be and would value an activity to pass the time. Puzzles are versatile gifts, so it makes sense to stock up on one or two, so that if you are suddenly called on to provide a present, you have something suitable on hand.

Puzzle Twist Brand Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles vary in design from cartoons to eye-catching landscapes. Each puzzle has a U.S. theme, and many are related to particular states. A jigsaw that is matched to the receiver's home state is always a great idea. Each jigsaw is carefully crafted, ensuring the pieces fit together smoothly and the picture has great quality. In addition, each Minnesota puzzle has a little something extra added! For example, there may be a number of differences between the puzzle picture and that displayed on the box, providing some added entertainment as you try to spot the variations between the two.

Puzzle Twist Minnesota Spirit Available Here

Our jigsaws are usually 1000 pieces, which is enough to keep puzzlers occupied for multiple hours, without being overwhelming. A traditional item which never loses its magic, a jigsaw is a great investment for people of any age. To learn more about our Puzzle Twist range, or for queries about any of our other merchandise, call us at (612) 584-9405.

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