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Dark Roast Coffee Pocket Latte Bar

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Dark Roast: French Roast coffee, with a bittersweet kick. Our “Dark Roast” flavor has the deep and rich essence of true coffee, mixed with crunchy bits of 100% organic coffee beans. This recipe packs the caffeine kick that’s sure to get you through the day.

It's a latte in your pocket. Have a coffee, anytime, anywhere. Made from real coffee, with real caffeine, baby. It's made in the U.S.A. from all natural ingredients, with no soy lecithin, no palm oil, and no gluten. Still on the fence? What about the fact that they use no artificial flavors or genetically modified ingredients to make these tasty treats? 

Plus, it's cheaper than most drinks at your local coffee shop. Cheaper than most energy products that leave you crashing harder than a race car. But really, save money on dry cleaning those coffee stains off your clothes.

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0.92 oz. One square = one strong cup of coffee.
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