What’s so great about Soy Candles?

Most candles are made from paraffin wax, but now more candles are being made from soy or other natural sources. Milkhouse Candles, as an example, are made from soy and beeswax. So what makes these candles different from traditional paraffin candles? Here are some benefits of soy candles.



Soy candles are made from soybeans, a natural, renewable source grown in many regions by local farmers. Paraffin candles are made from petroleum, which is a nonrenewable source that contains carcinogenic substances. These substances can be released into the air when burning. Soy candles have no such harmful substances.


Cleaner Burn

Soy candles burn fairly clean with only a minimal amount of black soot released. Paraffin candles often create a significant amount of black soot that collects on the jar, as well as on walls and other surfaces of your home. The black soot is just a visual of what you are breathing in when burning paraffin candles. Soy candles are non-toxic, which means no pollutants are released when burning.


Longer Lasting

Soy candles tend to last longer than paraffin candles of the same size. The reason for this is the slower burning time and cooler burning temperature of the soybean-based wax. You may pay more for a soy candle initially, but the longer-lasting burn means you won’t have to buy new candles as often.


Stronger Scent

Soy candles seem to work well for holding the scent from essential oils. Because soy wax has a lower melting temperature, the wax melts quicker after being lit, dispersing the scent faster into the room. Since these candles burn slower, the scent continues to be gradually released.


Environmentally Friendly

We’ve mentioned several aspects of this already, but soy candles are much healthier for the environment. Not only is soy wax biodegradable and a cleaner burning alternative, but it’s also a benefit to the land. Soybeans complement corn in the growing cycle. As corn grows, it depletes the soil of nitrogen. Solely growing corn over time can make the ground infertile. Soybeans, however, naturally replenish the soil of nitrogen. Many farmers rotate the two crops to keep production up while also managing the health of the soil.


Milkhouse Candles chose soy as the wax for their candles because of these reasons and also as a way to support their local farmers who grow soybeans. It supports jobs, helps the environment and provides a healthier option for adding fragrance to your home.


Milkhouse Soy Candles are a great alternative to traditional paraffin candles. To find out for yourself, Browse Our Selection Online or visit one of our Retail Locations.

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