Jigsaw puzzles are a fun and challenging activity for people of all ages. Puzzles are shown to sharpen memory, improve brain function and clear the mind of clutter. A Minneapolis company has taken the jigsaw puzzle to another level by offering puzzles with a twist.

Puzzle Twist jigsaw puzzles provide even more of a challenge.

What you see isn’t always what you get! Most puzzle setters follow the picture on the box to find placement for different pieces. With Puzzle Twist, the picture on the box will be slightly different from the actual puzzle. This presents an extra challenge since there may be pieces you don’t see in the picture or parts of the picture that you can’t find the pieces to match. Puzzle Twist puzzles make a great gift for any avid jigsaw puzzle fan. You can provide a new and unique challenge for those who’ve already set puzzles of many types. Piece by piece, something surprising awaits as the full puzzle is revealed. Since Puzzle Twist is based in Minneapolis, the company makes several puzzles depicting Minnesota cities and landmarks. Other states and cities have also been included such as Wisconsin, St Louis, Kansas City and Chicago. In addition to geographical locations, Puzzle Twist also covers nature, animals and seasonal events. Puzzles come in 500, 750 or 1,000 pieces. Puzzle building is a full brain workout. The right side of the brain is responsible for emotions, creativity and intuitive thought, while the left side is logical, orderly and systematic. When doing a jigsaw puzzle, studies have shown that both sides of the brain are involved. The intense activity of putting together a jigsaw puzzle exercises the brain cells and thereby activates them and increases their efficiency and capacity. By setting a Puzzle Twist, the brain will be further challenged! So grab your family or friends, get a Puzzle Twist jigsaw puzzle and see what surprises you will find as the puzzle comes together. You can enjoy the fun and challenge while also knowing you are exercising your mind! The Woods Gifts is proud to be a retailer of these new and unique puzzles. We are also excited that they are made right here in Minnesota! Browse Our Site or visit one of our Retail Locations to find a Puzzle Twist to set! If you have any questions, feel free to call The Woods Gifts at 651-458-4011.

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