The Scents of Summer

It’s summertime! That means long and lazy days, sunshine and flip-flops! Normally summer would include vacation and often the beach as well. However, we all know this summer has been different due to COVID-19, so many people have been enjoying staycations. As summer winds down, you can integrate some scents from the season into your home with our delightful WoodWick candles. Here are some candles that can keep summer lingering well into fall.

At The Beach Scented WoodWick Candle

Be reminded of hot days on the beach with an At The Beach WoodWick candle. This candle is a neutral shade of beige so it will match any home’s décor. It includes summery scents of tropical citrus, creamy coconut and sea breezes.

Coastal Sunset Scented Candle

For more reminders of the ocean, you can try the Coastal Sunset WoodWick candle. This fragrance includes sun-kissed blossoms, inviting coconut nuances and salty ocean air.

Blue Java Banana Scented Candle

If you are the tropical beach type, try the Blue Java Banana WoodWick candle. This scent provides a tropical treat of exotic blue java banana, pineapple, sweet mango and creamy coconut milk.

 Sand & Driftwood Scented WoodWick Candle

Another beachy scent is the Sand and Driftwood candle by WoodWick. This fragrance blends sun-washed wood notes with sea grass and soft white sand.

Evening Bonfire Scented WoodWick Candle

Go back to the warm summer nights spent hanging out at the beach next to a bonfire. Remember making s’mores and hanging out with your friends? This Evening Bonfire WoodWick Candle will take you back to those days.

Lemongrass and Lily Scented WoodWick Candle

Maybe the beach isn’t your summer escape, but you still enjoy the smell of flowers and citrus. Then you should check out the Lemongrass & Lily WoodWick candle. Floral scents are complemented by subtle hints of sweet lemon and grapefruit for a refreshing, herbal experience.

If you are ready to cherish summer awhile longer, burn these WoodWick candles in your home for an instant reminder of the beach, sunshine and the great outdoors. To order these candles and other scents from WoodWick, browse our selection online or visit one of our retail store locations.