The Power of Fragrance in Swan Creek Candles

Have you heard of Swan Creek Candles? Their highly sought after candles are made from all natural soy wax with extraordinary fragrances and lead-free wicks.

Swan Creek only uses American soybean wax to ensure the exceptional quality of their candles. This ensures their candles are non-toxic and clean-burning.

The fragrances from Swan Creek Candles are centered around the kitchen. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home and it is where friends and family congregate, eat, and thrive. So naturally, Swan Creek would develop fragrances to remind you of the love from family and friends.

Scents like warm cinnamon buns and gingerbread can remind you of the holidays, and family gatherings while vanilla can remind you of cooking with mom.

Every year new fragrances are introduced for certain seasons, including an annual favorite, the fresh cut Christmas tree smell.

Swan Creek Candles make great gifts too. This holiday season include a Swan Creek candle in a gift basket for your neighbor, coworker, friend, or even family member.

For a special touch, make a gift basket set and includes a variety of scented Swan Creek Candles. Select a basket that is just big enough to hold all the items. Arrange the candles nicely in your basket. You may want to place pretty tissue paper on the bottom as a liner. You can get creative and add a box of pretty matches, chocolate, or holiday ornaments. Once all the items are neatly arranged, add some filler such as colored paper or wrapped candies. Use tulle netting or cellophane and wrap the entire basket and tie it off with a large bow.

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