Secret to Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Peeling hard boiled eggs is now easier than ever before. At The Woods Gifts, we offer a couple of different types of egg peelers that enable you to peel multiple eggs at a time in only seconds. Forget about struggling with peeling eggs by hand anymore. These devices work efficiently and fast so you can have eggs in the form you need them for your recipes and eating pleasure promptly and without the mess of picking at egg shell pieces.

Why Hard-Boiled Eggs Are So Difficult to Peel

Proteins are packed in eggs, especially the white of the eggs. When an egg is being cooked, the proteins turned from a liquid to solid – in other words, they coagulate. The process of coagulation is a positive thing, allowing you to eat a solid egg instead of a wet, unappetizing, raw egg. However this process can make boiled eggs hard to peel. Egg whites can easily bind to the membrane of the egg shell when they cook under elevated temperatures.

Egg white proteins that are more acidic are also stickier. Protein with lower pH levels tends to be present in fresher eggs, which is why the eggs from a grocery store tend to feel easier than eggs from a local farmer’s market.

At The Wood Gifts, we offer products that solve the problem of hard to peel hard-boiled eggs. They include the Egg Stripper and the Yellow Negg Egg Peeler.

Egg Stripper

This is an egg-shaped design device that simply uses a small amount of water and more than 100 specially engineered built-in nodules that loosen and remove egg shells from hard-boiled eggs. You can peel up the five eggs at once by placing them inside this device and shaking for a few seconds with the container and you can also store up to 10 peeled eggs in the refrigerator.

Yellow Negg Egg Peeler

A simple and effective way to peel hard boiled eggs is through the use of the Yellow Negg® egg peeler. This gadget can help you easily remove egg shells to help you prepare egg salad, and garnishes, and quick hard-boiled eggs. Simply place your hard-boiled egg in the device. Add some water. Put on the cap and shake a few times. Then, pour out your egg. You simply give it a quick pinch and your egg slides out of the shell with ease.

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