Practical, Fun & Fashionable Benefits of Insulated Drinkware

Practical, Fun & Fashionable Benefits of Brumate Insulated Drink Ware

Insulated stainless steel tumblers and bottles from Brumate work and they work well! Here at The Woods Gifts, we offer a variety of glass-free, leak-proof and temperature maintaining drink ware that offer unique benefits for both the practical and the fashionable alike. There are many benefits of drinking from stainless steel cups, tumblers, and bottles as opposed to plastics and ceramics. Below are some of our favorite products as well as the main reasons why we feel these are superior drinking vessels, making them excellent gifts for others and for yourself.

Brumate Winsulator Brumate Uncork'd

The Carrara Wine Canteen

Enhance your drinking experience with the Winesulator! Your new go-to for transporting wine in style. Fits a full bottle of wine while maintaining the perfect temperature for over 24 hours! Allows you to take wine to the beach, pool, campsite, or any other glass-free zone.

The Carrara Wine Tumbler XL

Elevate your drinking experience with these wine tumblers that provide greener and safer way to drink and transport your glass of wine. Fits over a half bottle of wine while its BevGuard™ technology ensures it stays at the perfect temperature until the very last sip.

The Champagne Flute

Not a fan of warm, flat champagne? Neither are we. With a drink-through, flip-top lid and BevGuard™ technology, you can enjoy double the size of a traditional champagne flute while keeping your drinks cold and carbonated up to 5x longer. Sip more. Refill less!

The Hopsulator

The most versatile can-cooler in the world. It fits all your favorite 16oz craft cans, comes with an adapter for 12oz cans, and with one quick switch turns into a 16oz pint glass.

The Highball

The world's most perfect tumbler designed specifically to keep your favorite mixed drinks ice-cold, so your concoctions are never watered down keeping you on the go without the worry of wasting your drink or shattering your glass.

The benefits of Brumate speaks for itself, and they look great too! Available in the trendiest styles and patterns, you can proudly sip your favorite beverage wherever your adventures take you.

If you have any questions about our Brumate items and other products we offer, call our customer care team at The Woods Gifts today at 888.838.4067 or drop us a message through our contact form. Or, purchase your new Canteen, Tumbler or Hopsulator or Highball directly from our site!

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