We have several new jigsaw puzzles for those who love a good challenge. Whether you enjoy puzzles yourself or know someone who does, these are some great items you will want to check out. We carry several puzzles by PuzzleTwist, and we have a new puzzle in honor of a Minnesota music legend.

This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is part of Maynard’s Signature Series of puzzles. The artwork is by Michael Birawer, who created a rendition of the artist’s studio. It was created in honor of Minnesota’s favorite musical legend, and you can honor him as well as you put each interlocking piece together and remember his music. PuzzleTwistWe have five new puzzles by PuzzleTwist. Each puzzle has a different twist making the final puzzle slightly different from the picture on the box, creating an extra level of challenge. Here are the new ones we now carry.

  • Sunday Scrimmage – This 1,000-piece puzzle depicts kids playing football in a park. The picture on the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle in the box. The group of amateur ball players will come to life with each of the differences you uncover.
  • State Fair After Dark – State fair sites will come to life as you put the thousand pieces of this puzzle together. However, this puzzle has more than you know. The actual puzzle includes four more state fair sites that are not shown on the box. Find out which summer favorites appear in the puzzle that are not on the box.
  • Moon Over Minneapolis – Enjoy the iconic silhouette of the Minneapolis skyline as you detect which buildings are just a bit different from the ones on the box.
  • Driving Along the North Shore – This 1,000-piece puzzle includes four more North Shore sights than what’s shown on the box. See if you can recognize them all.
  • North Shore – Here’s another puzzle featuring views of the north shore. The twist to this one is the image you assemble is not identical to the box cover image. Once you have this puzzle set, see if you can spot the 20 differences.

So if you are ready for a challenge or know someone who is – check out these jigsaw puzzles. They can be a great gift or a fun way to bring the family together during a holiday gathering. You can browse all our puzzles online or visit one of our Retail Locations. If you purchase more than $75 online, you will get free shipping!

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