Making a House a Home

Making a House a HomeWe all know it takes a little something extra to make a house into a home. You can have the building or structure, but to really make it home, it needs those personal touches. Things that show your personality and style. From the furniture to decorations and home décor, your home should express who you are. Whether you live in a house or apartment by yourself or share it with a large family or roommates, there are still ways to express yourself, whether in the entire house or your own personal room.

At The Woods Gifts, we know all about expressing ourselves! We love to include quirky, sarcastic, inspirational and just plain fun signs into our home design! These can definitely tell visitors to your home more about your personality, likes and interests.

In addition to the visual things we see in a home, the smells and scents in our house also make it feel familiar and comfortable. Whether it’s the smell of freshly baked cookies or clean laundry coming out of the dryer, every home and space in the home seems to have a familiar scent that relaxes the senses.

A way to keep those familiar smells in your home is with scented candles. One specific brand of candles that we love and sell are Milkhouse Candles. These candles are made from natural soy wax and beeswax, providing a clean fragrance that does not emit toxins often associated with traditional paraffin candles.

The founders of Milkhouse Candles understand the significance of our sense of smell and how a scent can trigger memories of other places or times. They have spent a great deal of time researching each of their many fragrances to make sure it adequately represents its name.

Milkhouse has candles representing several categories, including different seasons, foods and drinks, flowers, woods and more. You are sure to find one (or many) scents that will help you feel at home.

Here are just a few examples of Milkhouse Candle scents:

  • Eucalyptus Lavender
  • Oatmeal Milk & Honey
  • Sweet Woods
  • Cabin Fever
  • Citrus Balsam
  • Fresh Cut Fraser

Whatever scent reminds you of home or makes you feel relaxed is the best choice for you!

For more information on Milkhouse Candles and to get some for your home, browse our site or visit one or our retail locations.

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