Like Ribbonwick Candles? Then You’ll Love Ellipse Candles by WoodWick!

Ellipse by WoodWick Candles, the next step in Ribbonwick candles

Looking for Ribbonwick Candles? Ellipse Candles by WoodWick take the style and comfort of Ribbonwick to the next level! Ellipse Hearthwick Candles offer the same long wick as Ribbonwick but provide a much longer burn as well as a comforting crackle akin to a wood fireplace. They fill the air with a soothing sensory experience for both the ears and nose.

WoodWick Candles offer style and stress relief when and where you need it most and Ellipse Candles are no exception. Designed to offer a relaxing environment for various rooms in the home, they provide exceptionally long-lasting scents that neutralize hard days and look fantastic too!

At The Woods Gifts we carry the very best in WoodWick candles including scents and styles to help increase your home’s cozy factor and provide an oasis for you and your family. When burned, Ellipse candles sound like a crackling fire, and the long flame provides a warm, enduring glow. That’s what makes Ellipse Candles so special; they provide such a comforting feeling that many homeowners say it’s the best candle they’ve ever owned. Designed by the trusted makers of WoodWick Candles, Ellipse Candles feature a longer wick that creates an extended flame, crackling sounds, a longer burn, soothing scents and so much more.

The innovative design of these candles allows you to recreate the familiar comfort of a glowing fireplace and their soothing crackle and wide, dancing flames allow you to relive fond memories in a warm, cozy atmosphere. When you’re stuck spending most of your time at home, visual escapes are just as important as the aromatic kind. Ellipse Hearthwick Candles look as beautiful as their aromatics with a sleek, simple design and wide wick. So sit back, soak in the tub and allow Ellipse Candles to take you on a sensorial journey.

The hearth is a place that brings people together and its scents and sounds offer a visceral feeling that alters our mood and puts us at ease and Ellipse candles are here to recreate that feeling. And, since they are from WoodWick, you can relax knowing they are also held to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Take a look at our Ellipse Candles by WoodWick at The Woods Gifts and find your new favorite candle!