Francis Metal Works is a delightful and unique line of garden decorations made out of Minnesota field stone and wrought iron. And if you are looking for Francis Metal Works in Maple Grove, you should stop by The Woods to browse through our selection. So what makes Francis Metal Works so unique? For one thing, each one is made by hand. And each one is a water bird, reptile or amphibian, so these are adorable ways to bring nature closer to home so you and your loved ones can enjoy looking at them. Here are just a few samples of the Francis Metal Works we have available. From smaller animals like frogs and turtles to larger ones like herons and pelicans, you are sure to find the perfect one for your own garden or as a gift for a loved one.

Frogs Amphibious creatures, frogs are known for their distinctive calls and for their ability to catch flies and other insects. You can decorate your garden with a frog from Francis Metal Works. They are weather proof and no two are exactly alike, so you are guaranteed a one of a kind piece when you buy one.

Turtles Did you know that turtles can be as small as four inches long to as big as 1500 pounds in weight? You can show your appreciation for these slow moving reptiles when you buy a Francis Metal Works turtle. They will add some fun and creativity to your gardening and landscaping!

Herons Herons are a tall and majestic bird that have a wing span nearly double the size of their bodies. So when you want a garden decoration that is both eye catching and unique, then a heron from Francis Metal Works is your best bet. This water bird will be a perfect complement to your gardening and landscaping, and they are sure to be an excellent conversation piece.

Pelicans Last but definitely not least, pelicans are another popular water bird that are known for their giant bills that can hold both water and food. Bring their natural beauty and grace into your garden with a special Francis Metal Works pelican! Your friends and family will love it, and it will help bring a sense of peace and serenity to your outdoor oasis.

Do you want to buy Francis Metal Works in Maple Grove? Visit The Woods at 763-416-WOOD (9663), Browse Our Site or Contact Us.

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