This week's quote: "The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. DO GOOD ANYWAY." Mother Teresa

The quote above is part of a longer quote by Mother Teresa that is one of my favorites of all time. I especially like how the clever people at Kindred Hearts made the actions in the quote all capitals. This is the best function of putting such inspirational words up on a wall, in my opinion -- gently helping us to become better individuals.

This is a hectic time of year when words of wisdom are welcome. Children are going back to school (as are teachers!), activities are starting up again, and everyone seems busier. It's the time of year when all of our gifts that say so much --Kindred Hearts, Storypeople Prints, Serenity Angel Ornaments, Willow Tree Figurines -- are just the breath of fresh air that lets a person relax a little, and be happy despite the stresses of life. Taking the time now to let a busy loved one know you are thinking of him or her can turn a frustrating day into a great one.

A few ideas for gift giving on the sly:

  1. Slip a Kindred Hearts Framed Quote in your son's or daughter's suitcase when they go off to college. It's as much fun for you, knowing that they'll find it when they're miles away and maybe a little homesick, as it is for them.
  2. As the snow begins to fly (yes, that season is approaching again, at least up here in Minnesota!) the 'SnowBirds' will be winging their way to Arizona, Florida and other sunny locales. Let them know you're thinking of them as they bake in the sun with the 'Heading South' Print from StoryPeople.
  3. The first day of school can be just as trying for Mom as it is for the new student. Mom might appreciate the 'Mother' Angel Ornament from Serenity, a gentle reminder that she will always have her child's love.

What's the best surprise gift you've ever received (or given), 'just because' you're loved by someone?