It's one of the most patriotic times of the year. A time when we remember the Revolutionary War and when the final wording of our Constitution was approved by our Founding Fathers. And our celebration of our independence is synonymous with two things: fireworks and barbeques. Here are a few items we think might come in handy during your next 4th of July celebration! Are you ready to spice things up? Maybe you're looking for a unique topping to add to your burgers and hot dogs, or maybe you want something interesting to dip your chips into. Whatever your reasoning, we have plenty of fun and tasty salsas to add some heat to your barbeque! But if you want to stick to traditional-but-not-too-traditional, you will want to try one of our mustards or dressings. Your palate will thank you for the variety of different tastes and textures! No good barbeque is complete without finger-licking-good sides, like blue cheese-stuffed olives or German sauerkraut! These succulent sides will leave everyone's mouth watering! And what better way to end a delicious barbeque than with a sweet dessert? Try one of our gourmet toppings. They work will on cakes, sundaes, pies and more! Your friends and taste buds will be so happy you picked up one of these sweet sauces. When you need to carry food to and from a barbeque, you need air- and water-tight containers. Some of these silicone lids and accessories are cute and fun ways to bring food to a barbeque. Not only are they practical, they are also pretty and are sure to attract a lot of attention! Your friends will want to know where you got these. So when you need food or fun accessories for your next 4th of July barbeque, call The Woods at 1-888-838-4067, browse our site or visit one of our Retail Locations.

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