Enjoy The Experience Of Burning Milkhouse Candles

A beautifully scented candle can add that little extra touch to any room in the home. At The Woods, we offer several different scents and sizes in the always popular Milkhouse candles brand.

With soothing and comforting scents such as Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, Cranberry Amaretto, and Cinnamon Stick Soy, it is no wonder these are in demand. Unique scents like Cabin Fever, Barn Dance, and Welcome Home are also great additions to any candle collection.

The Difference

Milkhouse candles are manufactured in the United States through a business owned and operated by Eric and Janet Sparrow. While originally their hobby, the candle company quickly expanded to a full production company. The focus on all candles produced is to use natural products in the wax blends. The company produces pure beeswax and natural soy wax. This produces a very clean burning candle that doesn't have the same residue and smoke as found with paraffin candles. There no artificial dyes used in the candles and they use lead-free wicks for safe burning.

Making the Most of the Candles

All of the Milkhouse candles come in a jar that is 100% recyclable. Additionally, the jars themselves are made up of 40% recycled material, with some offering the half pint milk bottle style with a glass lid. To burn these candles, simply place in an open spot on a flat surface away from anything flammable and away from drafts, vents, fans and, of course, kids and pets. The company recommends trimming the wick to a ¼ inch after each use. For longer life, keep the candles burning only 3 to 4 hours at a time. When there is only about a half an inch of wax left in the bottom, discontinue burning to prevent any possible heat scorching to the surface. To order your favorite scents or to try new fragrances of candles, browse our website or contact our retail outlet at 612-584-9405.

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