Celebrate National “Just Because” Day

Have you ever wanted to do something for no good reason? Have you ever decided to walk backwards or speak in rhymes, just because you can? Probably most people like to do silly or funny things for no reason! Finally, there is a holiday that celebrates doing things “just because.” Thursday, August 27, is National “Just Because” Day. Sometimes, you want to give someone a gift “just because.” If you need some ideas for a gift you can give “just because,” we have got your covered!


Brighten someone’s day with a scented candle they can enjoy. WoodWick has various fragrances to please any nose. From sweet to earthy, WoodWick  has got it covered!

We also sell Milkhouse soy candles for a paraffin-free option. For a unique burning candle, check out Spiral Light candles. The wick spirals around the candle helping to burn all the wax.

Words of Wisdom

Another great “just because” gift can be funny or witty. We have a variety of items with words to live by. From box signs and mugs to socks, these are great gifts to give for any occasion!

Gourmet Foods

Something else fun to give “just because” is food! We have several yummy goodies from jams and syrups to bread mixes and soups. We have many unique items you won’t find at your regular grocery store.

These are just a few ideas to help you celebrate “Just Because” day. Whether giving a gift to a friend or getting something for yourself, you don’t need a reason!

Browse our website for more ideas or shop at one of our retail store locations in Woodbury or Maple Grove.

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