Benefits of Puzzles for Child Development

Many children and even adults enjoy piecing together puzzles because of the mental stimulation they provide. Puzzles exercise the mind and challenge the child or adult assembling the puzzle to solve a problem. Puzzles can provide children with several benefits as they develop. At The Woods Gifts, we offer a range of puzzles children can enjoy.

Engaging in the activity of completing puzzles can provide the following benefits for children:

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Completing even a simple puzzle is the act of achieving a goal. During the process of putting puzzles together, children and toddlers are required to use their imagination and formulate strategies on how to complete the puzzle. All of this involves reasoning skills, developing solutions, and solving problems that are useful later in life.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

The development of a child is linked to the development of their fine motor skills. By learning and exercising these skills early in life, children learn to perform activities such as drawing and writing. Puzzles help children improve these skills as well by requiring them to move around small and large pieces, and make those pieces fit into the proper spaces. Some puzzles may require children to circle words, twist knobs, or perform other activities that stimulate the development of motor skills.

Develop Cognitive Skills

Puzzles are able to help your child learn how to follow directions step-by-step and can help them achieve later goals in life. Playing puzzles also helps develop skills related to learning letters, colors, and spatial awareness. Puzzles can also help children learn about different subjects, including the alphabet, the alphabet, colors and more.

Develop Eye-Hand Coordination

Coordination between the hand and the eye can be developed by practicing with puzzles. A child can learn what and what does not fit by spending time solving puzzles. Many children will be persistent and try repeatedly until they find the solution.

Improve Social Skills

Puzzles are way to have children work together to achieve a goal. As children cooperate in completing a puzzle, they can discuss where certain pieces should go and why. This activity can help them learn how to take turns, wait for others to finish, and help each other figure out solutions to challenges.


All in all, puzzles can help children develop physical skills, cognitive skills, and relational skills with others. These are significant benefits for child development.

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